Angela Reid-Nagy

A Vision of Sustainable Prosperity

As a local business owner, entrepreneur, volunteer and a resident of over twenty years,  I have a vision of  Sustainable Prosperity for Kelowna. I know we can achieve this while creating jobs and building resiliency into the social, environmental and economic fabric of our community. To achieve this vision we need engaged citizens and City councillors who  have the courage to vote for bold steps forward.

I am so lucky to have served the current and future generations of Kelowna as a City Councillor to make this vision a reality. We can and should be environmentally responsible, socially progressive, culturally diverse and economically thriving. This is the essence of sustainable prosperity.

I will continue to work hard through my business and volunteer work to move Kelowna towards a sustainable and resilient future. In the meantime, please feel free to read my bioplatform, or voting record for more information on the vision for Kelowna that thousands of citizens voted for me to support. You may also wish to visit my business website or my new blog

The  video below shows an incredible vision I would like to see for Kelowna.

Living City from PUBLIC RITUAL on Vimeo.

Yours for a sustainable future,